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Zoe Birdseye - Nash
I have practiced yoga & meditation for 25+ years & am well versed in the natural ebbs & flows of life! I believe in creating the space for “me-time” & embracing the challenges that we all face in every season of our lives, as they unfold.
When life is approached with a positive mindset, personal growth & self-development becomes something to be celebrated & removes the fears that we create. It is with compassion, empathy & acceptance of self (first & foremost), that we can make time to acknowledge, adjust, move with ease & more freely day to day, truly harnessing the power of our beautiful being. Through finding peace within ourselves, can we ensure our ongoing transformation is something to behold, cherish & witness with love. Mind, Body & Soul are all integral parts of our being & balancing them is the key objective to limitless health (hence wealth) & happiness.
I offer support, encouragement & loves to share my learning across the many elements of natural & holistic life, therapies & practices.
All levels are very welcome to join our practice, which aims to remind us to approach life, in a grateful, calm & mindful way. Helping others to observe, sense & learn to follow their soul to find their zen, is my main goal!
Using our own unique & wonderful physical & subtle energy bodies, to enhance well-being, reduce stress & fix or prevent dis-ease is the first step to discovering the union within us, which can bring about self-healing.

I cannot wait to share your yogic practice & journey with you!

My soul honours your soul.
Om Shanti Namaste.