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Before You Come Along…

Take a look at our guidance on attending our classes...

Guidance on attending our classes (keeping you safe)

We will still be keeping class sizes small.
Please bring your own yoga mat to classes.
Once you enter the studio please stay on your mat.
Please use the hand santizer on entry and exit to the studio.
Please advise teachers of any injuries or illnesses prior to starting the class.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions below please do not attend a class

1. Do you have a temperature or persistent cough?

2. Do you feel unwell in any way?

3. Have you been in contact with anyone known to have Corona Virus in the last 14 days?

Guidance on getting the most out of your hot yoga class

Staying hydrated is incredibly important during hot yoga. Aim to drink at least 1 -2 litres of water before the class. Please bring a large bottle of water to the class in order to hydrate during and continue to hydrate after the class. Adding electrolytes to your water will also help.
Avoid eating a big meal for 2-3 hours before the class.
It can take time to adjust to the heat so please take it at your own pace. If at any time you feel dizzy please do sit down and take a break.
Please ensure you wear comfortable yoga clothes to the class that allow your skin to breathe.

Guidance on getting the most out of your aerial yoga class

All equipment is rigged professionally, and safety checked before each class. Each participant will have a swing to themselves.
For comfort on the sling, please wear clothes you are comfortable in but nothing with loose/ hanging parts. Avoid wearing jewellery or belts.
As with most types of exercise, please avoid eating a large meal before and hydrate prior to the class as drinking too much during the class can sometimes cause discomfort when inverting.

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