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Nicole Wilde

Although I had dipped in and out of yoga over the years my passion truly began when I turned to yoga to guide me through personal and mental health difficulties. With regular practise, I gained strength and flexibility in my body and was amazed at how quickly I gained in my mind also. For the first time in my life, I began to feel safe in my body and with my thoughts and I learnt to accept myself. This feeling inspired me to want to share with others and I trained with Avani Yoga.

My Vinyasa classes use a mix of flowing postures, pranayama, meditation and visualisation to uplift and refresh on a physical and mental level. As well as having fun with postures, it is my hope that each student will begin to unfold an inner experience and become their own teacher. I enjoy working with and supporting students at all levels of practice.

I am also a mother to 3 beautiful children, do charity work to raise Autism acceptance and am active in defending animal rights.