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Jasmine Badr
It was in Peru in 2015 that I discovered a different relationship with my mind and body. After spending some time in the amazon and the native people I became totally in awe of how able they were physically, it truly shocked me. They were capable of things that we in the west had deemed impossible unless trained to do so. They had so little but their lives were so rich, rich in
community, love, connection and nature. Their interconnectedness to the earth and its cycles were clear. Their minds were free of worry and stress, they did not seem at all affected by our modern day ailments.
It was after leaving Peru that I joined a gym and became quite addicted to exercise and how strong and clear I felt afterwards. It was shortly after this that a friend took me to a Vinyasa Flow class and I remember leaving that class feeling completely restored, embodied and aware. I felt not only strong and uplifted but calm and spacious. It was like no other feeling, not even after a workout would I feel this way. I practiced Vinyasa Flow and Nidra for many years before moving back to the UK and embarking on a teacher training course.
I qualified in 2020 as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga practitioner, Qigong (tai chi) practitioner and a Somatic coach. In class you can expect Vinyasa Flow, Subtle Qigong introductory movement, breath- work techniques and meditation with an underlying somatic awareness. The practice begins from the idea that everything is part of the whole and that our bodies are emotional, responsive systems. We will get a sense of our internal worlds a little better, finding balance, equanimity and learning that the same patterns we see in nature exist within us. As we harmonise with the forces around us we begin to understand we too are nature and we are also capable of finding balance and peace in this modern world. Through this flow I hope to inspire my students to explore their own range of movement as we welcome a soft strength, a calm mind and an ease into our practice and lives. My classes are open to all levels, all people from all walks of life.