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Hannah Estelle

I discovered Bikram Hot Yoga in the Summer of 2013, having flirted with Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga during my 20’s. It was the combination of the challenging 26 asanas (postures) and the heat of the 40-degree hot room that resonated with me on a much higher level and after a bout of depression it helped me to become my ‘Self’ once again.

Continuing the momentum of my practice, I embarked upon a 500-hour Hot Yoga teacher-training course in New York City – graduating in November 2015 – where I also gained a certification in Yoga for Kids & Families.

A year later I decided to add Yin Yoga & Chakra Theory to my CV, favouring the long holds and deep work into connective tissue as a complete contrast to the yang yoga that forms the basis of my work today.

Joining the ‘Motherhood’ club in 2017 has brought with it new challenges and a deeper appreciation of the human form. I try to take a gentle, conscious approach to moving the body, trying always to connect breath with movement, believing that this is where the yoga happens. Whatever happens on the mat, in the moment is ok, as long as you are working with the body (and mind) not against it. By the end of your class I hope to leave you feeling more happy, peaceful and relaxed.

My practice is a journey; ongoing

Instagram: @hannahestelleyoga

Favourite things: My little family and long walks in the countryside with the dog. Soaking up the sun when I can! Crafting – crotchet, origami, I’ll try my hand at most things!

Favourite posture: It’s ever changing depending on my mood/needs but I do love a Half Tortoise or Frog pose.