Charli Sparks

I am a soul in this world looking to share my love and light onto everyone I meet. Some ask me where do I get my boundless energy from, my light – always on…never dims. I always respond ‘from within’ I have been blessed to have been given an abundance of energy in this life to share it with everyone I meet to uplift their soul and allow them to see how truly magnificent they really are in all their truth and glory. 

At the age of 2 years old I started tap and ballet lessons, this ignited my passion for movement and music. I then expanded my skills to acrobatics at 5 years old where I then went on to perform and compete nationally in dance and acrobatics. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s living in Canada I discovered Yoga and how similar it was to acrobatics. I then started teaching in Canada my own fusion of dance, acrobatics and yoga creating mat based yoga routines synchronised with the breath to music – Yoga Rhythm was born. 

I was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and I realised how lucky I am to have gone undetected until then and I firmly believe this is down to my lifestyle choices I have subconsciously & consciously made along the way. Having excessive energy throughout my life I have always used it in a positive way, as a child my mum ensured we were kept active all the time whether it be dancing, acrobatics, swimming, hockey around the clock. Throughout the years as I got older into my teens I would naturally avoid alcohol, drugs and processed foods due to my own body naturally rejecting these substances. I find this fascinating as I truly believe this allowed my mind to stay calm and balanced rather than haphazard and chaotic, typical symptoms to ADHD. This is where my yoga practice to me really helps too…I know when my symptoms start to rear their ‘chaotic’ head if I haven’t done enough self practice, so I try now to practice regularly for myself for my own mental health and wellbeing. I feel truly blessed I had found my calling early in life and realised my vocation and how I could best use my gifts to help the community and mankind. I want to help inspire other children who are also labelled with ‘ADHD’ and other diagnosis to realise they have a ‘gift’ rather than a ‘label of condemnation’ that they too have potential to be great healers, yoga teachers and share their energy to others to help bring balance and peace.

Qualifications: 300hrs Yandara Advanced Yoga Training, 200hrs Power Yoga Training, CPD 6 Days Yoga Therapy Training, VibroAcoustic Therapy Training, NATD Acrobatics Teachers and NATD Tap, Ballet, Modern and Disco Teachers, Physical Education & Biology Advanced Level.

Highlights: Creator and Founder of Yoga Rhythm (est. 2005) and Yoga Rhythm Teacher Training School of Excellence (est.2007), founder of The Anderida Community in Forest Row, East Sussex (October 2020), 1st British Advanced Training Scholarship Award Winner with Yoga Alliance International (2016), produced Yoga Rhythm Foundation Series DVD – voted one of the top 10 fitness DVDs by FitPro, produced Natural Fertility Booster Series 3xDVD boxset recognised by The Western Medical Health Industry. Featured in magazines, tabloids and on SKY Media Network.