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Annabel Bouttle

I experienced my first yoga class, almost 20 years ago whilst living in Dubai and was hooked from the start. With no prior expectations I was instantly curious as to how great it made me feel: physically challenged and mentally revived. The perfect refreshing combination for someone who is naturally driven, active and always on the go!

My practice, for the following 15 years, remained very much based in Hatha but on return to the UK I gravitated toward Vinyasa Flow, completing my YTT200 with Mercedes Sieff of Yeotown Health Resort, in 2018. The spell binding meditative experience of using the breath to enhance the depth of the asana’s served to deepen my love of Yoga.

Since then I have become more and more interested in the whys of yoga, from an anatomy and physiological point of view. Which lead me to my latest YTT200 with Lara Heimann in 2021, she is both a Physiotherapist as well as renowned Yoga Teacher.  This yoga is best described as Functional Vinyasa Flow and aims to re-establish more optimal movements on and off the mat. If you suffer from aches and pains, including any hypermobility, this type of yoga will provide helpful focus on how to move more mindfully. Retraining your body and mind connections to promote sustainable body functionality. Expect deeper self awareness of habitual movement patterns that may not be serving you well, improved proprioception, balance, core strength and a sharper focused energy.

Music and aroma are also very important to me: vibrant sounds and subtle Palo Santo will fill the air during your class.

Favourite things: either riding my horse or walking my dog, preferably both together, in the woods or by the sea. Reading and music and just being still, which isn’t always easy for me!

One of my favourite books: A Life worth Breathing by Max Strom