Amy Graves

I started yoga three years ago when I was looking for an exercise that didn’t involve going to the gym! From the moment I stepped into the class I fell in love with the environment and poses, but most importantly the mental space and calmness I got from practicing. 

I enjoy the balance of mental and physical harmony yoga gives me, allowing myself time to focus internally rather than giving out all the time. I have a different approach to the world and am more calm and I will be forever grateful to yoga for that!

If I could pass on the harmony I feel when I leave a yoga class to my students I would be a very happy teacher.

Favourite things: Chocolate! It’s all about balance isn’t it. I love long walks in the summer or wrapped up in the evening and star gazing… looking up to the sky at night just puts everything into perspective.

Favourite posture: Wheel pose, opening the heart centre to all that life offers, the head is upside down giving a different perspective on life as well as a back bend which just feels awesome!!