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Peter Taliadoros

ATHAYOGANUSASANAM – Now Yoga begins with discipline 

I feel Yoga has always been in my life and that my first ‘Guru’ is my Mum. (She’s only ever gone to one “Yoga” class but she is my true Yoga teacher)

Teaching me the importance of nonviolence, truthfulness, cleanliness, non-possessiveness and selfless service. 

In 2015 after dislocating my shoulder multiple times and undergoing surgery, I was in the humbling process of physical therapy. I contacted Felix Price (Yoga teacher, healer/shaman) for a one on one session. I knew instantly that this was my path, that I was on my way to becoming the best version of myself, and that I would be helping others become the best versions of them selves soon too.

I started to attend 6:30am Sunrise practice under Felix’s guidance at his Dads community space, which quickly became part of my weekday morning routine. Here I became part of a tribe/community helping out and offering my service after class before I had to go to work. Here I was learning that Yoga is way more than just the physical practise done on our mats.

After witnessing the transformation that Yoga had brought within me as well as physically I was keen to share it. I quote Felix once saying “ Easy yoga = a hard life and hard yoga = an easy life.” So I teach hard yoga because I want my students to have an easy life.

My classes are Hatha Vinyasa open for all levels beginners very welcome Advanced practitioners will be given harder variations 
I place great emphasis on the breath as it is the foundation of the practise and life itself.

Favourite things: Community and Nature.

Favourite postures: I love all hand and arm balancing postures my favourite to see is Vrishchikasana (scorpion pose) favourite to do is Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand).

Look forward to seeing you!

 Om Shanti