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Karina Duvall

My yoga journey has been a long winding process though which I am constantly evolving and forever learning.

Having always been active, I sought out Sivananda yoga in my mid-teens as a way to find something physical that would also help with calming my mind. My practice lapsed when studying and then travelling, but in my mid 20’s I was drawn back to yoga although now to the far more physical practice of Ashtanga. After lapsing again, I returned to my practice and turned toward a strong but mindful flow which I found really resonated with me.

When I became a mother, I felt as though I lost my way. I had always maintained a physical and active lifestyle, which I needed to help both my body and my mind; however, it was only through my yoga and meditation that I was able to find the mental clarity that I truly needed. It was this that made me decide to become qualified as a Yoga Teacher, in the hope to help others gain some of the strength, calmness and clarity my yoga gives to me.

In my teachings, I teach a Core Focussed Flow, Power Flows, Mindful Flows and Classical Yoga. I teach the importance of Ahimsa and being respectful and careful with our bodies when working toward building strength and flexibility. In all my classes, I try to emphasise going ‘within’ as well as breaking down the postures for correct alignment and always encourage students to find the Joy and to practice with a smile, both inside and out.